New Era Electronic Solutions Ltd was registered in December 1998 as an Electronic company dealing with the sales, maintenance and installations of broadcasting equipment. This includes Transmission automation systems, video recorders, cameras, switchers, Vision mixers, character generators, converters and distribution, audio mixers and generally all kind of Video and audio equipment. The aim of New Era Electronic Solutions Ltd, is to introduce and promote sales of selected top quality equipment to the rapid expanding broadcasting industry, to provide turnkey solutions acting as a system integrator as well as to offer to the private production houses support and maintenance agreements. The official representation and promotion of selected and leading brands of equipment and accessories has been one of our primary targets. Furthermore, with our experienced engineers and in cooperation with our suppliers our company is capable of designing complete projects. We can take our customers safely through the procedure of identifying their needs and specify the equipment offer them the best price for the selected equipment and undertake the installation, training and future support.